Peninsula Tour

Today the majority of the group went shark diving, but a few of us decided to stick to the Cape Peninsula Tour that was originally scheduled. We enjoyed many beautiful sites and interacted with interesting animals. We drove all around the edge of the Western Cape seeing many towns and stopping to take pictures at different points. We stopped at a market for about 30 minutes at a fishing harbor, and were able to do a little shopping and stretch our legs. After that we kept driving and were able to make a pit stop by an ostrich farm. We all had the chance to feed an ostrich and see baby ostriches while there. It was a unique experience because they forcefully peck the food out of your hand! 

After the ostrich farm we made our way up to Cape Point National Park and saw baboons everywhere, as well as wild ostriches and Eland in the distance. The baboons are so used to the people and the food that they have, so they will do whatever it takes to get food or drink from the tourists. When we first rode up on the bus we saw one run and grab a drink that a gentleman had placed on the ground while he grabbed his belongings. Then we went to lunch at Two Oceans Restaurant and sat on the patio. One baboon was walking on the tarp and eventually jumped down and quickly grabbed food off of a lady’s plate. The waiters all started trying to scare him off, but he returned many times and actually took food from another plate in the process. It was a big commotion, but pretty entertaining to watch. We also saw one sitting on the roof of a car…they were everywhere!

We climbed to one of the lighthouses at the top of the point (and it was a straight incline). We definitely got our exercise going up! The weather was beautiful today though, so the views were gorgeous. After we finished everything at Cape Point we went to Boulders Beach where there is an African Penguin colony. We enjoyed seeing them up close and watching them interact. Following the penguin colony we returned to the hotel after a long, fun-filled day of sightseeing.

We had a wonderful guide named Yolanda who shared much information with us and made our experience that much greater! The shark divers said they had a blast and saw 17 sharks (one being especially huge)! It seems that we had a great day all around! Tomorrow is our last day in Cape Town and we will be flying to Johannesburg tomorrow night! Also, happy 20th birthday to Maegan!! She enjoyed her day in Cape Town 🙂



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