Nando’s and KPMG

Today we started off by having a lecture from Professor Margie Sutherland about HR and Employee Wellness in South Africa. She gave us some interesting insights that helped us throughout the day as we visited Nando’s and KPMG. Our first stop today was Nando’s, which is a Peri-Peri chicken restaurant chain. It was started back in 1987 by two friends, and has been growing ever since. They now have around 1000 stores worldwide, including some in the Washington, D.C. area. Nando’s is known for interesting ad campaigns that are not always politically correct. If you have a chance, YouTube some of their ads–remember that I warned you! We had a wonderful lunch there and the food was so delicious!

After we left the headquarters we went to ICAS, which is an employee wellness center that sponsors many of the major companies, including Nando’s and KPMG. This is a call center that can help employees with any personal problems they may have, and it is completely confidential. All of those receiving calls are social workers or psychologists. We were able to briefly walk through the call center while we were there to see them in action.

Following the call center visit, we headed to KPMG to hear about the South Africa practice and how IFRS standards have made an impact in the country since adoption in 2005. We heard from a Learning and Education trainer as well as an actuary who gave us some insight into the advisory side. This was interesting information to hear for those in our group considering tax, audit, or advisory. We have had a long day, but it was enjoyable! Tomorrow we have three company visits to Ogilvy, GE, and SABMiller. It will be another long day, but I don’t think it will disappoint!


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